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For Windows 95/98/NT

PDOXTool is a tool to view, print and save to file table definitions from several databases, and to pack and re-create indexes for Paradox tables. It uses BDE API and VCL classes to comunicate with databases, so you will need BDE to use it, the binary file includes staticaly linked VCL libraries so you don't need Builder C++ to use it, but will need C++ Builder 4.0 Professional to compile PDOXTool.

* To use the Index and Pack tools the table MUST be closed on all other applications, or it won't work.

If you have some questions, ideas or found some bug, you may e-mail me or visit PDOXTool's Sourceforge site to post questions, bugs or support issues. I put the sources in the Sourceforge CVS server, but I think I made something wrong, soon I'll fix this. The source code is avaiable for download too.

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Paulo Assis